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Some "Coming Soon" Business Ventures

Now we are retired, we have a bit more time for all those business ventures we thought might be fun, but didn't have the opportunity to pursue.

Here are some of the "Coming Soon" ideas let us know if you want to partner with us on any of them (or better still, employ us to do them!).

  • The Green Cottage Our next project is the Green Cottage, next to the Red and Blue Cottages. This should be ready in late 2020. It will it is a traditional stone cottage, with a small extension to make the lost of the lovely views of Lisconnor Bay.
  • Training and Development Whilst we worked in consulting we were both faculty at our company's own University. We specialized in teaching consulting skills, strategy development and execution, and leadership development. We've taught around the world (including the USA, Europe, India, China, and the Middle East) and achieved the highest feedback scores. If you are looking for flexible trainers who are able to "tell" as well as facilitate, then do get in touch.
  • Coaching and Assessment After many years consulting, coaching and running assessment centres, we are offering our services to companies who are seeking to assess their managers and executives as part of talent selection and development processes. Unlike many coaches and assessors, we bring a bit more grey hair experience and business acumen to the table.
  • Website Creation and Hosting Having figured out how to create websites (a bit of trial and error and an eventual reading of the manual) we are offering to do this for others. If you want a website, with some well written content and some pretty pictures, please get in touch.
  • The "Go-Doolin" Duathlon A duathlon is a Run/Bike/Run race; like a Triathlon but with an extra run rather than the swim. Great for giving people a goal for getting a bit more active and usually involving both children and adult races. We're planning to host a Summer series of three races to bring some extra business into Doolin, as well as give everyone a fun day out.
  • Writing and Comedy Phil thinks he is funny. Not "funny, peculiar", but "funny, ha ha". Need something written? He'll do it and make it funny too. He's also going to write a book on how you can retire at 50 once he has figured out how you can. Take a look at the blog he created a while back here. He is also planning a Go-Doolin comedy night for local stand-up talent to showcase their acts.